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Fill out our online form with your appliance details and the issue you’re experiencing.

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We’ll contact you to confirm your request and arrange a convenient time for the visit.

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Our expert technician arrives, diagnoses the problem, and performs the necessary repairs.

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Repair Done

When your appliance is repaired we ensure everything is working perfectly before leaving.

Request an Appliance Repair

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Terms and Conditions

By choosing ZapFixers, you agree to the following terms:

Repair Risks:

Appliance repairs can be unpredictable. Your appliance may be beyond repair or could sustain further damage during the repair process. Components can deteriorate, leading to unexpected failures. We handle each repair with care, but there are inherent risks, especially with older or extensively damaged appliances.


While we strive to provide accurate estimates, they are not guaranteed to be final. Some issues may only be identified during the repair process, and our estimates may evolve. Any changes will be communicated, and your approval will be required before proceeding.

Diagnostic Fee:

A non-refundable diagnostic fee of $90 applies to all repair evaluations. This fee covers the time and expertise required to diagnose the issue and will be credited towards the cost of the repair if you choose to proceed.

Limited Warranty:

We offer a 60-day warranty on all repairs. If the original issue recurs within this period, it will be covered under warranty, excluding specific exclusions listed below. User-induced damage voids the warranty.

Warranty Exclusions:

Our warranty does not cover:

  • Services using parts not purchased through ZapFixers
  • Software issues
  • New symptoms unrelated to the original repair
  • Damage caused by user actions during the warranty period
  • Repairs that void your manufacturer’s warranty

  • Warranty Repairs:

    If an issue recurs within 60 days, we will perform the necessary repair at no extra cost.

    Estimate and Repair Time:

    We strive for speedy repairs but cannot guarantee specific timeframes due to factors beyond our control.

    Replacement Parts Procedure:

    We will inform you if replacement parts are needed before ordering them. Parts not purchased through ZapFixers are not covered by our warranty.


    We do not guarantee the security or safety of any data stored in your appliances (e.g., smart appliances with memory functions). While we take precautions, we are not liable for any lost data.

    Manufacturer’s Warranty:

    We are not responsible if the manufacturer's warranty is voided due to our repair services. Opening or repairing your appliance may void the warranty provided by the manufacturer.

    By entrusting your appliance to ZapFixers, you acknowledge and agree to these terms and understand the associated risks.