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Terms and Conditions

By choosing Attinnovationspace, you agree to the following terms:

Repair Risks:

Electronic repairs are unpredictable. Your device may be beyond repair or could be permanently damaged during the repair process, especially with liquid-damaged devices. Components can deteriorate, leading to unexpected failures. Repairs on devices with glued-on screens, such as iPads, involve prying, posing a risk of screen breakage. Touch ID/Face ID on Apple devices may fail. Integrated GPUs on laptops and AIO computers can fail unexpectedly, especially on older devices.


While we aim for thorough estimates, we cannot guarantee they are final. Some issues may only be identified during the repair process, and our estimates may evolve. Any changes will be communicated and require your approval before proceeding.

Repair Attempt Fee:

A repair attempt fee applies to certain devices involving motherboard repairs, data recovery, or those with prior repair attempts. We will charge $59 diagnostic fee.

Limited Shop Warranty:

We offer a 60-day warranty on repairs. Recurrence of original symptoms within this period is covered, excluding specific exclusions listed. User-induced damage voids the warranty.

Warranty Exclusions:

We do not offer warranties on services using non-purchased parts, software issues, new symptoms, or damage caused by user actions during the guarantee period. Some services may void your manufacturer's warranty.

Warranty Repairs:

If an issue recurs within 60 days, we will perform the repair at no extra cost. Return shipping is covered, but you are responsible for shipping the device back to us.

Estimate and Repair Time:

We strive for speedy repairs but cannot guarantee specific timeframes due to factors beyond our control.

Replacement Parts Procedure:

We inform you of the need for parts before ordering. Parts not purchased through Attinnovationspace are not covered by our warranty.


We do not guarantee the security or safety of your data. While we take precautions, we are not liable for any lost data.

Data Recovery:

Data recovery for SSDs and HDDs incurs a cost. Recovered data will be placed on a new drive provided by Attinnovationspace.

Pickup Time Limit and Storage:

Devices will be held for up to 60 days. After this period, unclaimed devices may be considered abandoned, and we reserve the right to sell or recycle them to recover costs.

By entrusting your device to Attinnovationspace, you acknowledge and agree to these terms and understand the associated risks.